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moonlight ramble ( meodp )


Once night had fallen upon Tancho Academy, Nanaya felt at ease. It was the time when he would take long strolls to wherever he pleased. And maybe he would come across a poor individual who would cross his peripheral vision. Someone who had drawn the short stick from life’s hand. That was not the case tonight. There wasn’t a soul to be seen in this god forsaken wasteland he was dumped into.

There were very few people he remembered from this place. Two came to mind, but he was highly against seeing one of them. The other however, seemed to arrive just as she came to mind. A person who carried the same name and almost the same eyes. Almost. As he walked closer and allowed himself to be revealed by the street light, he froze for a moment. Why exactly was he walking towards her? Without his knife in hand, he understood his motives. Conversation. Talking. Conversing. Socializing.

How disgusting that his mind had developed in such a way that he didn’t consider just stabbing her in the back.

“It’s been quite a white, Shiki. Ah. Excuse my manners. Ryougi-sensei.” Nanaya greeted the only teacher he had some legitimate respect for by lightly patting her shoulder.  A teacher patrolling the grounds at night wasn’t suspicious at all. But more importantly, she wasn’t really patrolling. Nanaya tilted his head up and looked at the sky. A dark canvas covered in miniscule sparkles of light. Existences that were, unfortunately, out of his reach.

“Never took you for a stargazer. Then again, when would I ever consider anything but killing people?” Conversation initiated. Nanaya considered just for a moment that he would regret not attempting to kill Ryougi instead.

So lost in thought had she become that the presence of another went almost without notice. Only at the brief contact of the shoulder did her sense snap to. the sky no longer holding as much interest as the boy placed before her visage. Onyx orbs glowing a faint blue at first glance before calming once more.

He held neither a blade nor intent tonight.

"Oh it’s just you." Her tone carrying a bit of boredom as her body shifted to face more in this direction. If Shiki was doing her job properly right about now then she would have to be lecturing the student about being out late at night. Yet her occupation wasn’t really the driving point behind her stay. Unless told to step it up by Touko then all could do as they pleased around her. As long as she wasn’t a part of it of course.

A small huff came out in response first. "They’re just something to pass the time." To admit the reason behind her staring, why she was out here, him of all people would not become her confession booth. This was a lad that only understood the pleasure of kills and nothing that came with. All the emotions which she herself seemed to carry in his stead. What a pair they were.

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“…” Yeah, Shiki really sounds like she wants Hakuno to die. Then again, most people wish to kill her yet are unable to. It was strange how her luck is sometimes. Keeping calm and trying to act mature around the older woman, Hakuno tested her luck and bravery. “You know, if you wanted to kill me, it shouldn’t be hard for you, Shiki.” 

This silence was sure to give away her thoughts in no time. The normally head-over-heels girl was surprisingly not babbling at the mouth like normal when faced with this particular teacher.

"Hm." She did have a point there. It would be all too easy to bring her knife out and end the game of like Hakuno was playing at. If she was a common murderer that would be the answer, but alas she was not allowed to sign up for that occupation. "It wouldn’t do to kill one of my students." Shiki grumbled out. There was also that promise she had made to a certain someone that needed to be kept.


why wouldn’t I be?

not for long

The lack of common sense, the inability to sense death, no bodily strength, and the list went on. Dumb luck had to be her greatest feat and the only thing keeping her alive at this point. She wondered how someone could be gifted with such a thing at birth.

"… No reason." All these thoughts of her were best kept under wraps.

moonlight ramble ( open )

Silence. A moment of bliss that ears could enjoy. It was the lullaby of the night that soothed the souls of those who wandered in the dark. Beings that would grow restless in the daylight. The busily joys of life, the kisses of the sun, these things were not something of comfort for these kinds of people.

Here she was, a wanderer. She held no real troubles with the light, it was only a bother. Yet the night attracted her.

There was much to be found in the dark. While others laid their heads to rest she could be free.

There was nothing to hinder her in the dark. Her urges could be released.

The grounds were not her goal on this journey though. Instead she wished to greet the sky. To say a hello to every star that now sparkled to life in the sky. She wondered on what it must be like up there. How one so far away and alone could shine so brightly. How they could appear comforted by others that were not in their reach. Someone might find her thoughts to be that of a romancer. Yet affection was unknown to her. The only joy she understood was the kind she ripped away from others.

Perhaps there was someone who held the same sentiment as her. Was there another just wandering in the dark?

bringing the sharp edge of murder back to the campus